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Plannja Traditional Profile

Plannja Traditional Profile's discrete profiling blends in perfectly with smooth exteriors, large windows and metal and woodwork features.

Close your eyes and envisage a classic thin sheet metal roof. The picture you see in your mind’s eye is usually a Plannja Traditional-roof. Right now Pannplåt is enjoying a renaissance. Not just because it’s often recommended for restorations and architectural heritage work, but also because it harmonizes with the popular Bauhaus style. The building will have the benifits of both long-lasting protection and a classic appearance for many, many years.
Technical data
Steel Aluminium
Coatings Untreated|Hard Coat 25|Hard Coat 50; Untreated|Hard Coat 25;
Min length 1500; 1500;
Max Length 8000; 8000;
Covering Widths 1120; 1120;
Profile Heights 20; 20;
Pitches 280; 280;
Thicknesses 0,60; 070 - Thickness 070;
Min roof angles 10; 10;
Nominal weight m2 4.81; 1.95;