For more than 40 years, Plannja has refined steel for roofs in Sweden and abroad. We have developed resistent roofing solutions and roof parts, which withstand everything from sliding ice sheets to extreme differences in temperature.

Hand in hand with the technical development, Plannja’s design development is continuously ongoing. What other material than sheet metal can offer 19 colours and half a dozen different profiles?

Steel or Aluminium

Plannja’s roofs consist of a core of hot galvanised steel or of aluminium. In addition, several protective layers and coatings make Plannja largely a maintenance-free alternative. The low weight of the Plannja roof is gentle on the person laying the roof and for the roof construction itself. A concrete tile roof weighs ten times more than Plannja’s tin roof and 20 times more than our aluminium roof.


Aluzinc keeps corrosion at bay. Zinc helps protect exposed edges and scratches in the surface by so-called cathodic protection, while aluminium provides its excellent resistance to corrosion. Aluzinc is often used for its unique look. Initially, the metal has a glossy surface which, over time, is patinated and thus protects the metal while giving it a beautiful shimmer of grey.

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