Be Inspired to Transform Your House

There are plenty of classic houses, so ordinary that they are easily forgotten. However, any old house has the potential to a be the home of your dreams. With simple adjustments you can give it an upgrade - a new sheet roof perhaps, some fresh colour or maybe even a brand new facade cladding? Let us help inspire you!

Inspiration for the Timeless Scandinavian House

Inspiration for the 50's or 60's House

Inspiration for the 70's House

Inspiration the 80's House

Inspiration for Different types of Profiles


The Nordic's Roofs


Colours that Match

Light and the interplay between colours means they can change appearance in relation to each other. Plannja Colour System creates new opportunities to play with colour ranges and their similarities and contrasts.



Plannja’s selection of colours is inspired by nature’s own colour range and alludes to the classic elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Plannja Colour System integrates colours naturally, as part of an aesthetic whole.

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Plannja’s coatings are extremely important, not only because they offer a wide range of colours, but also because they provide lasting protection for the sheet. We have four different coating systems.

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Plannja’s products are available in different materials. Read about the various materials here and what you should bear in mind in your particular surroundings.

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Roofs that Tell a Story


Clara's New Roof

Clara Lidström is a writer, author, and photographer, as well as the woman behind one of Sweden's biggest blogs, WonderfulClara. Now Clara has changed her home.

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