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Blogger Wonderful Clara: A New Roof over Her Head

Clara Lidström is a writer, author, and photographer, as well as the woman behind one of Sweden's biggest blogs, WonderfulClara. Now Clara has upgraded her home.

Clara has renovated here home and it also applies to choice of ceilings and roof drainage. She has decided what style she wishes at her house and then made careful choices to get the result she wishes. She chose to change the tiles to a plate roof, as she herself expresses, making the house more comfortable. Moreover, certainly it became! The roof profile Plannja Trend in a green-coloured suit fits perfectly with the style of the house.

The details that sometimes feel small and insignificant can instead become those that give the house its character and lift the whole.

Read more and see more pictures on Clara’s own blog.

We are delighted that Clara chose our products for her beautiful home and even happier that, when the roof there, she contacted us for an advertising collaboration.