Plannja Royal

Plannja Royal is a best seller available in several colours.

Plannja Royal’s artistic idiom expresses a pantile roofing tradition, but in a modern form. This roof is a best seller; it’s available in several colours, one of which is certain to be perfect for your house too. Plannja Royal is also produced in resistant aluminium, which is especially suitable for houses in coastal areas.

Hard Coat 50

GreenCoat Pro BT Matt

Hard Coat 25

Steel Aluminium
Coatings Hard Coat 50|GreenCoat Pro BT Matt Hard Coat 25
Lengths 1300|2100|2900 1300|2100|2900
Min length 500 500
Max Length 7000 7000
Step Lengths 400 400
Covering Widths 1000 1000
Profile Heights 41 41
Pitches 200 200
Thicknesses 0,55|0,60 0,60
Min roof angles 14 14
Nominal weight m2 4.93|5.38 1.87