Plannja Combideck 45

Plannja Combideck is easy to install and reduces formwork time. The profiles are self-supporting on spends up to 2.4 m, which reduces the need for struts.

Plannja Combideck is easy to lay and forms an excellent platform for cutting-out work, reinforcement and pouring. The dimensions of load-bearing structures and foundations can be reduced, leading to lower quantities of concrete and reinforcement. The space between the ceiling and the completed floor structure can be used to advantage for the installation of plumbing, electricity, ventilation etc. Plannja Combideck allows thinner, lighter joists and beams. The Plannja Combideck profile is shaped so that the concrete ‘grips’ the sheet to create an extremely strong structure.


Coatings Untreated
Lengths 6500|4500
Min length 100
Max Length 15400
Covering Widths 900
Profile Heights 45
Pitches 150
Nominal weight m2 8.78