Plannja 70

Plannja 70 is our lowest load-bearing roofing profile and is used mostly in small buildings. Spans up to 4.8 metres.

Plannja 70 is mostly used as a roofing profile but also works well as exterior wall profile on agricultural buildings, warehouses, light industry, etc.


Reverse Coating

Hard Coat 25

Coatings Hard Coat 25|Reverse Coating|Untreated
Min length 100
Max Length 12000|14500
Covering Widths 750
Profile Heights 68,3
Pitches 187,5
Thicknesses 0,60|0,65|0,72|1,00
Min roof angles 5,7
Nominal weight m2 7.06|7.65|8.48|10.01|11.77