Colourful Roofing Sheets

Plannja manufactures highly upgraded building products and product systems in thin sheet of quality Swedish steel and aluminium. Finishing operations include surface coating, profiling, pressing, bending, etc. Our range of building products in thin steel sheet includes profiled wall cladding and roofing sheet, roofing tiles, rainwater goods, flat sheet and roof safety components.

Roofs - product offering

Title Description Steel Aluminium Roof Facade

Plannja Royal

Plannja Royal is a best seller available in several colours.

Plannja Regent

Plannja Regent lends an elegant look to your roof.

Plannja Trend 475

Plannja Trend 475 is an easily installed roof without visible screws. Plannja Trend 475 will give your home that extra air of vitality.

Plannja Trend 275

Plannja Trend has hidden screws and snap locks. It creates fantastic, elegant flow of lines on your roof.

Plannja 45/45R/45F

Plannja 45 is available in three versions, 45, 45F and 45R, and is used as a roofing and exterior wall profile.

Plannja 20-105

Our classic 20 profile is in demand by everyone who simply wants functional cladding and roofing, indoors and out.

Plannja 70

Plannja 70 is our lowest load-bearing roofing profile and is used mostly in small buildings. Spans up to 4.8 metres.


T130M is a micro-profiled, load-bearing roof profile.

Plannja Combideck 45

Plannja Combideck is easy to install and reduces formwork time. The profiles are self-supporting on spends up to 2.4 m, which reduces the need for struts.

Plannja 20-75

Plannja 20-75 is an aluminium profile for roofs and exterior walls.

Plannja 35

Plannja 35 is used as a profile for external walls and roofs.

Plannja Modern

Plannja Modern's slim profiling and vibrant colours give your house its own unique look.

Plannja Sinus 18

The Plannja Sinus 18 sheet profile can be used indoors and out on commercial properties, or indeed as an exciting accent to a private home.

Plannja Sinus 51

Sinus is a roof and exterior wall profile that adds aesthetic expression when combined with most other materials.

Plannja Traditional Profile

Plannja Traditional Profile's discrete profiling blends in perfectly with smooth exteriors, large windows and metal and woodwork features.