Plannja coatings are very important. Not only because they give you a wide range of colors to choose from, but also because the coatings provide a long and lasting protection for the metal sheet. We have four different coating systems.

Plannja Hard Coat

A roof must resist snow, ice and pouring rain. As well as the chimney sweep’s boots and the blazing sun. Our surface coating, Plannja Hard Coat, has been developed with this in mind and it therefore becomes a quality concept within the building industry. Hard Coat is polyester-based with unique additives, which give it a very hard and scratch-resistant surface. In spite of the hardness, Plannja Hard Coat is flexible and withstands any movements in the roofing sheet.

Our rainwater system is coated with Plannja Hard Coat Glossy. 

Plannja GreenCoat BT

GreenCoat BT (biobased technology) is a new generation of painted steel sheet. The concept is patented for organic surface coating. A significant part of the conventional solvents has been replaced by renewable solvents produced from natural oils. From an environmental point of view, GreenCoat BT is beneficial and leads to less carbon dioxide load on our atmosphere. In addition, the coating is the only non-chromatic product developed for Nordic conditions.

Plannja Mica BT

Plannja Mica BT is a GreenCoat BT coating with an exclusive and glossy textured surface. It has been developed especially for use on roof profiles with high aesthetic requirements.

Plannja Polyester

Plannja Polyester is a standardized and economical color system with good properties for gloss and colour retention. The coating consists of two layers with a total thickness of 25 m and is adapted for roof and facade profiles.

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