Plannja Quality

For more than 40 years, Plannja has refined steel for roofs in Sweden and abroad. We have developed resistent roofing solutions and roof parts, which withstand everything from sliding ice sheets to extreme differences in temperature.

Hand in hand with the technical development, Plannja’s design development is continuously ongoing. What other material than sheet metal can offer 19 colours and half a dozen different profiles?

Overall economy

Not looking after one’s roof is an expensive prospect. Often, leaks are not discovered until the damages have already occurred in the underlying construction. At Plannja, we know that the roof is an important parameter of the house’s functional, aesthetic and economic value. A quality-assured roof from Plannja is built to be easy to transport and easy to install. We guarantee the durability of the roof for at least 10 years. Included in the concept of overall economy are aspects such as the amount of preparatory work, the number of man-hours and future maintenance, among others.

With this way of thinking, it is easy to arrive at Plannja. Environment Plannja is a Swedish company, environmentally certified since 2004 according to SS-EN ISO 14001. The abbreviation perhaps does not say much, but behind Plannja’s sheet metal-covered façades, there is a continuous environmental improvement effort underway. A Plannja roof with Hard Coat is 100% recyclable. We treat our new products with environmentally suited polyester-based coatings – even the roof drainage where we recently moved away from a PVC-based solution. A tin roof furthermore weights only one tenth of what a concrete tile roof weighs. This way, Plannja’s tin roofs are environmentally advantageous in terms of transportation as well.

Steel or Aluminium

Plannja’s roofs consist of a core of hot galvanised steel or of aluminium. In addition, several protective layers and coatings make Plannja largely a maintenance-free alternative. The low weight of the Plannja roof is gentle on the person laying the roof and for the roof construction itself. A concrete tile roof weighs ten times more than Plannja’s tin roof and 20 times more than our aluminium roof.

Plannja Hard Coat®

A roof must resist snow, ice and pouring rain. As well as the chimneysweep’s boots and the blazing sun. Our surface coating, Plannja Hard Coat, has been developed with this in mind and it therefore becomes a quality concept within the building industry. Hard Coat is polyester-based with unique additives, which give it a very hard and scratch-resistant surface. In spite of the hardness, Plannja Hard Coat is flexible and withstands any movements in the roofing sheet. This year, we are also introducing our roof drainage with Hard Coat as a coating system in a glossy version called Hard Coat Glossy.

Plannja Colour System

We had an architect develop Plannja’s colour palette. In our basic selection, there are standard colours, which connect to the fundamental colour elements of nature. In addition, there are a number of defined specialty colours, which we produce on order, regardless of product. In Plannja’s colour scale, there are associations with autumn leaves, pine needs, beech wood forests, lush grass, topsoil or stones at the water’s edge. Look at your house’s façade and surroundings. Plannja has the colour to match.