Royal is a classic single-bulge roof tile, with an exclusive feel and design.

Royal’s artistic idiom expresses a single-bulge roof tile tradition,
however in a modern version. This roof is a big seller available in several colours; there is certainly one to suit you and your house as well.

Plannja Royal in steel can be delivered with different coatings.

  • Black
  • Dark grey
  • Dark red
  • Maroon

* Obs. Colours depicted on the website is not to be treated as accurate rendering of the Plannja colours

Coating GreenCoat BT | Hard Coat 50
Length (mm) 1300 | 2100 | 2900
Min. length (mm) 500
Max. length (mm) 7000
Step length (mm) 400
Covering width (mm) 1000
Profile height (mm) 56
Pitch (mm) 200
Thickness (mm) 0,55 | 0,6
Min. Roof angle (deg) 14
Weight kg/m2 4,9 | 5,5