Plannja Royal Aluminium is made from resistent aluminium, which is especially suited for houses situated along the coast.

Royal’s artistic idiom expresses a single-bulge roof tile tradition, however in a modern version. This roof is a big seller available in several colours; there is certainly one to suit you and your house as well. Roof tiles made of 0.6 mm thick aluminium provides extra resilience for the roofs located near the coast or in locations with prolific rainfall, which often contains corrosive acids.

  • Black
  • Maroon

* Obs. Colours depicted on the website is not to be treated as accurate rendering of the Plannja colours

Coating Hard Coat 25
Length (mm) 1300 | 2100 | 2900
Min. length (mm) 500
Max. length (mm) 7000
Step length (mm) 400
Covering width (mm) 1000
Profile height (mm) 41
Pitch (mm) 200
Thickness (mm) 0,6
Min. Roof angle (deg) 14
Weight kg/m2 2,03 | 2,05 | 2,1