Plannja Rainwater System in aluminium

Plannja's rainwater system in aluminium has a unique resistance towards corrosion. This is confirmed by a 40 year guarantee for aluminium gutters.

Plannja provides the widest assortment of roof drainage products on the market. Choose between Standard, Tradition and Square to suit every type of roof and roof covering. Plannja Rainwater System is functional and easily installed. It is also economical and good looking. The products are manufactured in high-quality sheet steel coated with the market’s most durable protective coating – Hard Coat Glossy.

Under the designation of rainwater system, Plannja has gathered everything you need in the way of gutters, downpipes, gutter brackets and innovative accessories. This provides a safe solution which minimises the risk for water and moisture damage on facaes, plinths and foundations. Merely a light rain of one millimetre of precipitation on a 100 m2 rool cointains 500 litres of water over five hours. A downpouring of 50 millimetres of rain corresponds to 5,000 litres.