Plannja Trend is an easily-installed roof that gives your house that extra zing.

Anyone who has ever dreamt of a first-class metal roof is closer to realizing their dream. Because one edge snaps into place and the other is secured by a screw hidden by the next sheet, there are no visible screws. Instead, Plannja Trend creates a fantastic flow of lines above your house. Plannja Trend is available in five colours and is coated with durable Plannja Hard Coat.

Hard Coat 50

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Dark silver metallic
  • Dark grey
  • Dark red
  • Grey
  • Copper green
  • Maroon
  • Silver metallic

* Obs. Colours depicted on the website is not to be treated as accurate rendering of the Plannja colours

Coating Hard Coat 50
Min. length (mm) 700
Max. length (mm) 7000
Width (mm) 305
Covering width (mm) 275
Profile height (mm) 30
Thickness (mm) 0,6
Min. Roof angle (deg) 8
Weight kg/m2 7,4