Plannja Flex

Plannja Flex is a modern and original two modular roof tile.

Plannja Flex is a modern and orginal two modular roof tiles available in PL 01 Black and PL 42 Maroon. Unique, sculpted and set back angle 30 mm high crease with the groove in the upper wave causes a unique visual effect. Refraction of light and shadows formed in places embossment give the roof a unique character.

The use of special mounting screws with flat head TORX makes mounting hardware is almost invisible, so that the roof looks elegant and exclusive.

Plannja Flex roofing sheet size is matched to the needs of customers. The length and width of the panels, close in size range. So you are a small van to bring steel roofing tile Plannja Flex to build.

Plannja Flex is made from high quality steel and aluminium, which is protected by the unique coating Plannja Hard Coat Glossy 50 in steel and Hard Coat Glossy 25 in aluminium. Therefore the steel-tile is covered by 30-year warranty, while the aluminium-tile is covered by a whopping 40 years.