Plannja Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Plannja runs its business efficiently and frugally using a minimum of raw materials, energy and other natural resources.


Plannja AB has held SS-EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification since 2004. Continual improvements are made to the environmental qualities of the company’s products from a lifecycle perspective. Environmental management is characterized by e.g. techno-economic production processes, measurable environmental goals and ongoing verifications to ensure we meet society’s requirements and conditions. Where applicable, our environmental efforts are adapted to meet international agreements and industry-wide principles.

Environmental policy

It is very probable that buildings constructed using Plannja sheet metal products will survive their builders and thus become part of the future. By making products with long lifetimes we contribute to long-term, positive developments with consideration for the environment both in respect of our customers, ourselves and society as a whole.

  • We work in a systematic, targeted and preventive manner and we take genuine responsibility for the handling of raw materials, energy and other natural resources.
  • We constantly improve our products and manufacturing processes within a framework of technical and financial possibility in order to become more environmentally friendly.
  • By means of dialogues with our suppliers and forwarders we shall seek to minimize the environmental impact of material flows to and from Plannja’s facilities.
  • Our environmental efforts shall be characterized by knowledge, understanding and participation by all employees, and where compliance with legislation and regulation forms a natural element.

Material recycling, painted sheet metal

Painted sheet steel and aluminium can be recycled and forms an important raw material in manufacturing. Any material waste that occurs during construction, repairs or demolition should be sorted and returned to the steel industry via scrap dealers. In this way we maintain the cycle of use for steel and aluminium. The dismantling of painted sheet metal is usually a simple, low-energy process. Dismantled painted sheet metal can sometimes be re-used.