As of July 1, 2013, all construction products of harmonising product requirements are required to be CE marked and have a declaration of performance to be traded on the single market in the European Economic Area. The CE marking is required for many products and attests the verification by a manufacturer that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements. CE marked construction products should also have a DoP. Plannja’s products meet all these requirements.

001DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Regent Steel

005DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Regent Aluminium

010DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Royal Steel
015DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Royal Aluminium

016DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Flex Steel
017DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Flex Aluminium

020DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Traditional Profile Steel
030DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Traditional Profile Aluminium

040DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 19R Steel
050DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 19R Aluminium

055DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 19 Steel

060DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Sinus 18 Steel
070DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Sinus 18 Aluminium

080DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 20-105 Steel
090DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 20-105 Aluminium

100DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 20-75 Aluminium

110DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 35 Steel
120DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 35 Aluminium

130DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 40 Steel

140DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 45, 45R, 45F Steel

160DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Sinus 51 Steel
170DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Sinus 51 Aluminium

180DoP2013-07-01 Plannja 70 Steel

200DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Combideck Steel
210DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 275 Hard Coat
211DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 275 Green Coat
212DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 275 Aluzinc
220DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 475 Hard Coat
221DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 475 Green Coat
222DoP2014-02-01 Plannja Trend 475 Aluzinc

300DoP2013-07-01 Plannja Combi batten Steel